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Gloveboxes by PhotonExport


PhotonExport is committed to enabling sustainable, cutting-edge innovation in thin film, semiconductor, and nanotechnology research and development by providing quality, specialized materials tailored to your needs and delivered on time at the best possible price.

Indeed we value enabling innovation in cutting edge research and development for those who aim to achieve a better future through scientific discovery. We provide the best materials to all scientists, from the biological sciences to all branches of physics, including applied microelectronics, optics, photonics and all surface technologies, from mechanics and tribology to nanotechnology.

PhotonExport has cultivated strong relationships with leading international PVD and PECVD equipment manufacturers to source the highest quality processes from around the world. We are able to provide the best equipment and products for your unique needs using our network of carefully selected manufacturers.

Gloveboxes by KOREA KIYON


KOREA KIYON has over 28 years of experience in designing and manufacturing one of the most advanced glovebox systems for many chemical, nuclear, solar, OLED glass, medical research and mass production customers worldwide. Indeed their product lines offer tightly controlled atmospheric environment and technical solutions. The glovebox system is designed to provide a highly customized, sealed workspace in a tightly controlled atmospheric environment.

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