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Explore our diverse range, from the single-sided, 1-person Model 011AS with two ports, to the expansive double-sided, 4-person Model 021AD with eight Ports. Crafted with Stainless Steel 304, these chambers offer crystal-clear views through Poly-Carbonate PC or Safety Glass windows. Navigate experiments seamlessly using Butyl Rubber gloves and a 7” Full Color Touch Screen, while the Automatic PLC control and robust blower system deliver unparalleled control and efficiency.

Whether you’re an individual researcher or part of a collaborative team, our models can cater to your needs. Get started today with a quick quote or reach out to us for questions or custom specifications!

Glovebox 2 ports Single sided, 1 Person

Glovebox 2 Ports

Model: 011AS (2 Port) 

The Glovebox Model 011AS with 2 Ports, is equipped with a Stainless Steel 304 cabin, Butyl Rubber gloves, and Poly-Carbonate PC/Safety Glass windows.

It features a 7″ Full Color Touch Screen, Antechamber, Mini Antechamber, and Purifier System with Oxygen Catalyst and Molecular Sieve for optimal performance.

View additional features of the Model: 011AS-Extra with 2 Ports.

Glovebox (Single sided, 1.5 Persons)

Glovebox 3 Ports

Model Name: 011AS EXTRA (3 Ports)

The Glovebox Model 011AS-Extra with 3 Ports, comes with a spacious Stainless Steel 304 cabin (1800x760x890 mm) and can be equipped with Poly-Carbonate PC or Safety Glass window.

Additional glovebox components include, 3 ports, 3 Butyl Rubber gloves, a 7″ Full Color Touch Screen, a powerful blower (max. 63 CFM), an automatic PLC control and a 200 L/min vacuum pump, a dedicated stand measuring (1800x760x930 mm), and more.

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Glovebox 4 Ports

Glovebox 4 Ports

Model: 021AS (4 Ports) 

The Glovebox Model 021AS, 4 Ports – is a single-sided, 2-person workstation.

The Stainless Steel 304 cabin measures (2200x760x890 mm), and features a Poly-Carbonate PC/Safety Glass windows, Butyl Rubber gloves/two pairs, and two external lights.

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Glovebox Double sided 4 ports

Glovebox Double-Sided 4 Ports

Model: 011AD (4 Ports)

The Glovebox Model 011AD, with four ports offers double-sided access for 2 people, maximizing productivity. Built with a Stainless Steel 304 cabin (1200x1100x890 mm) and Poly-Carbonate PC or Safety Glass windows.

It is also equipped with Butyl Rubber gloves, external lights, and a Purifier System. The dedicated stand (1200x1100x930 mm) and Antechamber with vacuum capacity (1X10−3) further enhance its functionality.

View additional features of the Model: 011AD-Extra, double-sided with 4 ports.

Glovebox 8 ports

Glovebox 8 Ports

Model: 021AD (8 Ports) 

The Glovebox Model 021AD, featuring 8 ports is a double-sided powerhouse designed for 4 people, maximizing collaboration and efficiency.

Crafted with a Stainless Steel 304 cabin that measures 2200x1100x890 mm, it includes Poly-Carbonate lexan windows (T:10 mm).

Explore all the features that the 8 port glovebox model has to offer.

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