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Glovebox 2 Ports (Single-Sided, 1 Person)

Glovebox 2 Ports (Single sided, 1 Person)

Glovebox 2 Ports
(Single-Sided, 1 Person)

Model: 011AS (2 Port) 


Size1200(W) mm X 760(D) mm X 890(H) mm
MaterialStainless Steel 304
WindowsPoly–Carbonate PC or Safety Glass
GloveButyl Rubber 1 Pair
External Light1
Service PortKF (NW40) : 2ea
Leak Test 0.05 vol%/hr According to ISO 10648–2


Size380 mm X 500 mm
Vacuum Capacity1X10−3
Tray200 mm X 500 mm

Mini Antechamber

Size150 mm X 290 mm

Purifier System

Purifier LevelLess than 1 ppm O2 and H2O
CatalystOxygen Catalyst and Molecular Sieve
PLCAutomatic PLC control
Control Panel7” Full Color Touch Screen
Purifier RegenerationAuto Regeneration Programmed on PLC
Blower Speed Control:Max.63 CFM (1.78m³/min)
Vacuum Pump200 L/min


Size1200(W) mm X 760(D) mm X 930(H) mm

This Glovebox (2 Port Single-sided, 1 Person) model is a 304 stainless steel glovebox that is 1200 mm wide, 760 mm deep, and 890 mm high. It is equipped with PC polycarbonate or safety glass windows, as well as a butyl rubber glove system. The glovebox has external lighting and two KF (NW40) service ports. It also has an antechamber of 380 mm x 500 mm with a vacuum capacity of 1 x 10^-3 torr, a 200 mm x 500 mm tray, and a mini antechamber of 150 mm x 290 mm.

The purification system is equipped with an oxygen catalyst and a molecular sieve to maintain a purity level below 1 ppm of O2 and H2O. Control is provided by an automatic PLC with a 7-inch color control panel.

The regeneration system is automatically programmed on the PLC. Fan speed control can reach a maximum of 63 CFM (1.78 m3/min), and the vacuum pump has a capacity of 200 L/min. The leak rate is 0.05 vol%/h according to ISO 10648-2.