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Glovebox Double-Sided 4 ports

Glovebox Double Sided 4 ports

Glovebox Double-Sided 4 Ports

Model: 011AD (4 Ports) 


Size1200(W) mm X 1100(D) mm X 890(H) mm
MaterialStainless Steel 304
WindowsPoly–Carbonate PC or Safety Glass
GloveButyl Rubber 2 Pair
External Light2
Service PortKF (NW40) : 2ea
Leak Test 0.05 vol%/hr According to ISO 10648–2


Size1200(W) mm X 1100(D) mm X 930(H) mm


Size380 mm X 500 mm
Vacuum Capacity1X10−3
Tray200 mm X 500 mm

Mini Antechamber

Size150 mm X 290 mm

The Glovebox Double-sided 4 Ports workstation comes with a stainless steel vacuum chamber with dimensions of 1200(W) mm X 1100(D) mm X 890(H) mm. It has polycarbonate or safety glass windows, two pairs of butyl rubber gloves, two external lights, and two KF service ports.

The glovebox includes an antechamber, mini antechamber, tray, and stand. The vacuum capacity is 1X10−3 torr and the leak test is 0.05 vol%/hr according to ISO 10648-2.