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Gloveboxes A Vital Tool in Various Industries

Gloveboxes are used in various industries to handle hazardous or sensitive materials in controlled environments, such as lithium battery disassembly, nuclear handling of radioactive and oxygen-sensitive materials, controlled production of perovskite-based solar cells, and preparation of oxygen-sensitive compounds in the chemical industry.

Lithium Battery Handling

Lithium Battery

Battery disassembling: Gloveboxes are essential handle hazardous materials such as materials contain in batteries. Opening a discharged battery is performed in a glove box filled with argon. The battery´s electrolyte is very sensitive to water moisture present in air. Gloveboxes ensure that hazardous materials are not generated because of H2O or O2 contact and also controls de gas spilling out to the environment.

Nuclear Industry

Nuclear Industry

Gloveboxes are used in the nuclear industry to provide the protection to handling hazardous radioactive materials, a variety of oxygen sensitive, nuclear, and pyrophoric chemicals. Nuclear materials that require handling in a glovebox usually present little or no penetrating radiation hazard, but emit radioactive particles that can be hazardous. Gloveboxes provide clean air preventing the operator from inhaling radioactive particles, while providing a controlled and safe working environment. Gradually they became the standard of nuclear safety in laboratories and nuclear industries. Generic glove materials as Butyl or Hyperon do not provide shielding against radioactive materials.

Photovoltaic Industry

Photovoltaic Industry

Due to their high energy conversion efficiency, already reaching over 40%, perovskite based solar cells have aroused great interest among scientists. In order to obtain processed perovskite photovoltaics with high efficiency and reproducibility of the production process. It is crucial to control the ink concentration, the deposition process, the temperature, the ambient humidity, etc.

A storage box is essential for very dense and uniform perovskite foil in order to have a low humidity and an inert atmosphere. Gloveboxes are also used during the degradation of the perovskite oxygen layer.

Hermetic Sealing of Electronic Components

Currently, most microelectronics packages are hermetically sealed using either reflow soldering or laser welding processes. It requires a high purity, moisture-free inert atmosphere such as Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, or a combination of these gases. These requirements can be met thanks to glove boxes.

Aeronautical Industry

Aeronautical Industry

Refractory, heat–resistant and corrosion–resistant materials, and their alloys are increasingly used in the aerospace industry. Due to their high chemical activity and tendency to gas saturation, due to their high affinity to atmospheric gases, heating and melting of these materials in the air is practically impossible. Most metals in elemental form react with the oxygen in the air when heated during welding due to their natural instability.

The glovebox enables these activities to be carried out in a controlled atmosphere, which increases the quality of protection of the weld metal and the weld zone, as well as changes in the geometric parameters of the weld during arc welding in a controlled atmosphere.

Organic electronic materials

Light emitting devices (LED), energy converting devices and switching devices are just few examples of organic electronic devices that use organic materials as an active layer that plays a key role in device performance management.

Various organic materials have been developed to improve the performance of organic electronic devices. Many of these organic materials are oxygen and moisture sensitive and need to be handled in a controlled atmosphere. This is possible thanks to the placement of the organic electronic device in the glove box.

Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

Gloveboxes are widely use in the chemical industry in the preparation of organic compounds and organometallic complexes with the use of reagents and catalysts which are oxygen sensitive.

Gloveboxes containing chemically inert gases help to prevent sensitive catalysts and reagents from being exposed to components of the atmosphere.

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