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Sensor Oxygen Analyzer

Sensor Oxygen Analyzer

Sensor Oxygen Analyzer


Measurement system: Zirconia Oxygen concentration cell
Measurement range: 0.001ppm – 100%
Display range: 0-1,000ppm
Repeatability: ±0.5%FS or less 0-1% range or more ±1.0%FS or ±0.1ppm whichever is bigger or less than 0-1% range
Compliant standard: CE marking and RoHS
Thin-Film aluminum oxide type.
Microprocessor based, all digital technology for reliable operation.
Compact size.
Loop powered 4 to 20mA output.
NIST traceable calibration.

The “Sensor Oxygen analyzer” is an oxygen analyzer that consists of a zirconia oxygen concentration cell and digital processor technology that allows reliable operation. It can measure oxygen concentrations ranging from 0.001 ppm to 100% with a display range of 0 to 1000 ppm.

Its repeatability accuracy is ±0.5%FS for the 0 to 1% range and ±1.0%FS or ±0.1ppm for ranges below 0 to 1%. It is CE and RoHS compliant and uses aluminum oxide thin film technology. It is also compact and has a 4 to 20 mA powered loop output. Finally, it is NIST traceable calibrated.